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How to Customize Shortcuts on an LG Cosmos Touch

The LG Cosmos Touch features a shortcut bin full of widget icons. These icons allow you to access phone functions such as the memo pad, calendar and games list. Instead of wading through phone menus, simply touch the widget to launch the application. The device includes eight pre-selected widgets in

How to Create a Checksum of the Text in a VBA Module

The checksum command is used to calculate a program’s use of “1s” and “0s.” This is the most basic use of binary code. When a program is made up of binary code, the checksum can come in handy for troubleshooting the codes. If you are writing in binary code through the V

How to Make Neopets Music Codes

Neopets is a virtual pet website that allows you to create a pet, give it a name and interact with other pets within the virtual world. You can customize your Neopet's profile page using HTML codes. Adding music to your page is possible, but it only functions in Internet Explorer.

Making Money Online

?Making finance online is not interminable; direction mishap adept is supplementary rein for than remarkably before. concrete isn't again duty never embody arid now crave in that the internet exists. sole fantastic firm about bodily ...

How Do I Calculate Kilobytes?

The size of storage on computer disks is measured in terms of bytes, which are collected into kilobytes, megabytes and gigabytes to make discussion easier. However, there is controversy within the computer industry regarding the proper definition of these terms.

How to Salvage a Computer

If your computer is running slowly or refusing to start, you may be tempted to simply throw it in the trash and buy a new one, but there are some ways to salvage that old PC. By performing a few simple troubleshooting steps you can determine whether your old computer can enjoy a few more years of li

Tips for Shopping with Online Coupons

Shopping online with coupon codes can save bargain hunters a bundle for many online purchases from office supplies, jewelry, flowers to baby products. Do you know how online coupons work? Understand some of the basics ...

How to Do a Video Conference on a PC

Video conferencing is increasingly popular in both business and personal situations. For long distances or time periods apart, there is no substitute for visual interaction with a person. Skype is a program that makes video conferencing easy and free. It is compatible with PCs and Macs, and works

Upcoming Laptops In India

It is powered by a 1.5GHz Intel Atom Oak Trail processor, Intel GMA 600 graphics and it’s feature include two USB ports, a 3.5mm audio jack and a 6 cell battery.

How to Find Newly Launched Websites

The number of new websites launched each day around the world is estimated to be as high as 30,000 to 100,000, accordng to No one really knows the actual count, as some are fronts (with hidden links) for existing sites or appear as newly created "content farms" that are actually

How to Get a Player's Autograph After a Game

Collecting autographs is a great way to establish, or build on, a memorabilia collection. You can also use autographed items as gifts or to sell. Regardless of the reason behind your desire for an autograph, know the right way to approach a player before attempting this task and your chances of succ

How to Add Memory to an Asus Eee

Whether the memory in your Asus Eee PC is dead or you wish to install more RAM, it only takes a few minutes to add memory to this net book. What is normally a quick upgrade could create hours of hassle, however, if you make a mistake and damage the computer or memory. Avoid this unnecessary hassle a

How to Fix HP Printer Drivers Quickly and Easily

Dealing with HP printer driver errors is no fun, especially because driver errors will make your printer come to a screeching halt. Fortunately, there are a lot of great ways to solve HP printer driver ...