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Exploring the wildlife of Rajasthan

The colorful wildlife of the desert state of Rajasthan is immensely fascinating, as much as its beautiful monuments and culture. Wildlife tours for example boat safari, camel safari, elephant safari a

A Great Holiday Away in Shrewsbury - Shropshire

If you are looking for a great holiday away then a suggestion of seeing the UK city of Shrewsbury - Shropshire may be a good place to think about. This place offers you many different exciting things to see when visiting the UK. Here are just a few things you can admire when travelling to Shrewsbury

The Jewel of the Nile - A Brief Egyptian History

Not many destinations can compare to the excitement offered by Egyptian holidays. If you're looking for warm sun, exotic cuisine, a rich and ancient culture or a vast collection of historical artifacts, look no further than the southeastern corner of the Mediterranean.

Intro to Wellington, New Zealand

'Te Upoko o te Ika a Maui' is the earliest known name for Wellington, New Zealand's capital city. Translated in to English it means 'the head of Maui's fish'. This was the legendary fish that became the North Island after being caught by Maui the Polynesian navigator. A

Renting Property In Cyprus

Renting Property in CyprusOne of the best reasons for renting a property in Cyprus has to be the weather; with more sunshine hours in December than London gets in a very good May, blue skies are the n

Exploring Rural Portugal Countryside

Tourists visit Portugal not only for its rich city culture, but also for what its rural life can provide them. On one side, where it has very popular urban places like Lisbon, Porto, Faro, etc; it also has magnificent natural beauties to visit among countryside rural Portugal. This not only offers y

Suggested Croatia Itineraries and When to Go

Due to the fact that Croatia has a spectacular 1.104 miles of coastline and 1185 islands, I suggest to chose the boat as the best way to explore Croatia's coast. Your itinerary will differ according to your interests, when you travel and mainly how much time you have at your disposal.